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  1. Once you submit your answers to the questionnaire in registration page, you become a member of Aces Digitale survey community.
  2. Aces Digitale is the owner of this website and the agreement between the company and you are a contract for the provision of services and it shall not create any legal partnership or ownership or the relation of employee and employer.
  3. Aces Digitale reserves the rights to consider your eligibility to take part in each of its surveys.
  4. You will not register with the Aces Digitale website more than once. You will always login with the same email address that you mentioned at the time of registering with Aces Digitale website.
  5. At any stage, if we find that you have created multiple accounts with Aces Digitale using different email addresses, all your accounts will be blocked and the earned amount in each of the accounts will be forfeited.
  6. Hereby you agree to participate in Aces Digitale's surveys and you understand that you will be asked to evaluate ideas, concepts, products and services.
  7. Participants are requested not to provide wrong and falsified reply in a survey. All answers should be true and honest.
  8. You will never attempt to take one survey multiple times. If we find that you are trying to participate in the same survey multiple times, your membership will be terminated by our Panel team.
  9. You will never use any auto data fill techniques for account creation or while answering survey questions, such as spider or robots or any other software or download anything from the site or try to send any virus through the site.
  10. Detection of any such activity from your account will lead to suspension of your account or you may also be charged for the legal compliances considering the seriousness of the matter.
  11. Aces Digitale reserves the rights to terminate your membership from Aces Digitale at any time with or without giving you prior notice via email.
  12. Aces Digitale doesn’t charge any money for membership. Thus, if any third party asks you to pay money in order to join our site, you must decline any payments and report it immediately to our helpdesk team. In the case that you pay anything to any other website or individual, you must deal with them directly as Aces Digitale doesn’t hold any responsibility in this matter.
  13. You can terminate your membership by unsubscribing from Aces Digitale. You can do this by sending an email to unsubscribe@acesdigi.com or simply clicking on the button "unsubscribe" in your Aces Digitale account. The termination will take effect within four business days after the receipt of your notice.

You have twelve months to redeem your reward from the day it becomes redeemable. If you do not redeem your reward amount within the mentioned time period, it will lapse automatically. Once you unsubscribe from SurveyHub membership, the balance reward amount will be automatically lapsed.

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